Remote Coaching

Remote coaching might be right for you if:

  • You have goals and you’re looking for the expertise of a coach who will help you get results
  • You want the accountability of a coach for each of your training sessions
  • You value personalization at every step of the process from the design of your program to feedback on form
  • You would like the flexibility to complete your training sessions when it works for your schedule

What is remote coaching like?

Everything you need at your fingertips

Imagine opening up an app on your phone to see a custom-designed training program. Every single workout for the next six weeks is laid out for you. You open up today’s session to see exactly what you need to do: the warm-up movements, the exercises, what weights to use, how many sets and reps. Not sure how to do an exercise? That’s no problem–just click on it to see a video of Gillian showing your exactly how to perform it.

Accountability & progress

On the other end of the app, your coach (that’s me!) sees every workout you complete. At the end of the week, I review how your workouts went, any feedback I received from you and adjust your training as needed. This ensures that we keep you progressing toward your goals.

Communication & feedback made easy

If you have questions or comments to share with me, you can shoot me a message directly in the app. If you’re not sure of your technique, just send me a quick video of yourself performing the exercise in question and I will provide feedback.

You are in total control of your schedule

Your weekly sessions will be added to your calendar based on your preferred dates, but you can complete them earlier or later if needed. As long as your workouts are completed in the same week they are assigned then you are good to go.

Experience proper programming

If you’ve never committed to a training program before, it will change your experience with exercise. Gone are the days of doing different, random workouts each week. Programming (where you repeat the same 2-5 training sessions each week) allows you to not only master the movements but also apply the principles of progressive overload (improving strength, endurance and form over time). This is the way that athletes and fitness professionals train for a reason.

A budget-friendly option

Personal training can cost between $75-$120 per session depending where you live. With remote coaching, you can train several times per week for six weeks for the price of just a few in-person sessions.


How much does it cost? 6 weeks for $300 + HST (Just $50 per week!)

Do I need a gym membership? Nope! You can do your workouts with some basic equipment at home, go to a gym or a combination of both!

How do I start? To get started, shoot me an email! We can book an over the phone consultation and go from there!