Paula – One-on-One Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

I could not recommend Gillian Thomas Fitness more highly.  I started working with Gillian on recommendation from my cousin shortly after I had ‘recovered’ from pin and plate surgery.  I was weak, flabby and really did not know what I could do to regain the strength I had lost without injuring myself further.
Gillian has been amazingly supportive since day one.  We started slowly, with workouts in my house.  Over the summer we had Face Time (skype) work outs, and now I work out in her mid town studio weekly.  Since working with her, I have gained strength all over.  I walk without a limp and feel steady and strong.  My body fat percentage, as measured at my annual Medcan Exam has declined by 6%. My bone density has improved immensely (which is no small feat). I credit Gillian and her constant support for this.
I think people have a misconception when considering working with a personal trainer.  They are embarrassed to start if they aren’t strong, or can’t do 20, 30, or 40 push ups or whatever.  You don’t go to a doctor if you are well….you go for a prescription for better health.  Similarly, the best time to start personal training is when you are not strong, or don’t know what you are doing.  By engaging a supportive trainer like Gillian, you start smart, you learn the optimal way to perform each exercise, avoid further injury and build long term strength.

Natalie – Online Personal Training Client 

When I first reached out to Gillian I had been back to work from maternity leave for 10 months and felt like life was somewhat consistent.  I was tired and kept saying that I used to workout but didn’t have time. I needed and wanted to get back to the gym and lose the last of my baby weight but I didn’t see how it was possible time wise.  Prior to having my son I was a cardio/class junkie and I had been doing the odd gym group class throughout the workweek.  I had the expectation that if I wanted to lose weight I had to log long hours at the gym something I did not have.
Gillian helped me unpack my goals and truly examine what I was willing to do to make these goals achievable.  If I wanted to lose weight and get stronger what was I doing daily in manageable junks to make this happen (this didn’t seem key when we were talking about it but trust me it is!).  Gillian provided me with manageable works outs that were specific and fit with my life/equipment – adjusting for workouts that fit at home, my work gym, and/or the YMCA gym.  Getting my workouts for the week became exciting – what was Gillian going to have me do.  If I knew I was going away and needed a workout without weights she created one.  And each program came with links to videos so I knew exactly what the exercise was and how to do it and if I had any questions about technique she was an email/text away.
So where am I today 6 months into training with Gillian? Well today I did 8 UNASSISSTED chin-ups and finished off the 18 reps that Gillian prescribed in two more sets (three sets in total).  When we started I could only jump up into a chin up and hang on for dear life.  I now use equipment at the gym that I never knew was there and two weeks ago I began using the large plates 45’s!  I never thought I would use the large plates but Gillian created a program that helped me build strength and overtime I found myself doing workouts that are down right epic.  I can honestly say I am happy about my body, I love my arms, and I feel so strong.  More importantly I have an outlet to combat life, which is stressful.  I remember feeling like I was selfish for wanting to pay money on training and spend time focusing on myself but it’s the total opposite.  Training with Gillian is an investment in my future and myself.
Even though I have never workout out in person with Gillian when I am working out I can imagine what she would tell me if she were spotting me.  I have always felt confident that she has asked me to do something that is within my ability because of our feedback sessions.  The workouts she plans manageable and varied.  No one wants to feel like they’re doing the same workout each week– Gillian was awesome with this.  When I reach a new goal or get my five workouts in for the week (which is my goal) I am excited to tell Gillian.  And if for some reasons I didn’t get the workouts in I know that the focus is not to dwell on why I didn’t but to figure out a plan to combat how I can hit 5 again.
Thank you Gillian I cannot thank you enough – only wish I lived in Toronto so I could workout in person with you!

Carsten – One-on-One Personal Training 

I have been working out under Gillian’s expert guidance for approximately ten months now (and I have no intention of stopping!). I had never previously managed to establish and maintain a sensible, suitable exercise routine. This time is different! My goals are to build strength and increase my overall physical capability — mostly to counteract the negative effects of a life of sitting too much. Gillian has been knowledgeable, patient and flexible in terms of timing and location. She plans ahead and keeps things “interesting” with new exercises and different configurations. We have also managed to do all of this with minimal equipment, either at my house or in municipal parks. I’ve seen great results already, and I feel like I only just got started! I cannot recommend Gillian highly enough if you’re looking for a trainer in Toronto.

Meighan – Online Nutrition Coaching Client

I started working with Gillian on my nutrition last May (2017) and I don’t think I could get the level of support and guidance anywhere else. Gillian uses a very pragmatic approach to nutrition without focusing on ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ foods or strict eating plans, but teaching you how to pay attention to hunger cues, exploring what will ultimately be sustainable eating habits, and WHY I wanted to eat less nutritious food instead of simply depriving myself.
After working with her for three months, I’ve been able to successfully maintain my new eating habits and I am improving them steadily. There’s no deprivation/binging cycle – I feel like I finally learned how to properly give my body the nutrition it needs without beating myself up over it. If you’re looking for a nutrition coach that will be a positive and realistic influence on your long-term goals, I can’t recommend Gillian enough.

Kara – Online Personal Training Client 

I have been working with Gillian as part of her online training program. It has been amazing to see the progress I have made over this time – my strength has increased, my running has improved and her weekly check-ins keep me accountable.  She provided me with a range of customized exercises based on my goals, and she was there to answer any questions and provide guidance as needed. I would absolutely recommend Gillian to anyone looking to improve their fitness no matter your level of fitness.